Monday, February 4, 2008

Moody Monday ~ Under Pressure

"Under Pressure" Photograph by Itkupilli Moody Monday Challange

Freddy and David under pressure....


Anajo/Anijo/JoAnn said...

Oh my, another person in a moody day today!

I'd send you some sunshine, but all we have here today is wind and more wind!

I'll send you a kiss though! ;)

SusuPetal said...

Pressure is hard, and the cure is personal, how to survive!

I took on video my Sunday on Suomenlinna, if you want to see what Finland looks like right, the video is in my video blog.

Mick said...

Oh my! A bowl of candy ... and it's all gone rotten! :O

piktor said...

Kirsi, this gal is under pressure too:Mirandized

piktor said...

A new toy for you:JIB JAB

Mauricio said...


Itkupilli said...

Hi Aurinko Nainen,

Kiss for you too! Today is like summer is back, sun is shining and birds are singing. Very beautiful day! :))


Hi Susu!

Seems that there is no snow in Helsinki? Nice video, Suomenlinna is so beautiful and unique place!


Mick...yes all gone rotten, what can I eat now? :))


Hi Piktor! Oh poor Hillary! And thanks for the new toy, although those toys are dangerous for me, I could play all day! :))


Gracias Mauricio :)))

PLO said...

I am feeling this pressure currently.