Wednesday, May 6, 2009

About the digital collage sheets

Thank you everyone who has participated to my give away campaign, and it's not over yet, you can still choose your free collage sheet or two, if you have not done that yet. Send email to:, and I will send you the sheets by email.

But I noticed that I didn't even told, what are the collage sheets, and specially what are the digital collage sheets. Many of you of course knows what they are, but I would like to tell about them specially for those of you, who still don't know about collage sheets or haven't tried to use them.

My sheets come all in digital form, so you can work with them either digital or print them and work traditional ways. If you save the sheets on your computer, you can use them endlessly. You can use them for your personal work, but also you can sell your creations. Only limit is, that you should not sell them as is, but I think everyone understand that. Create something new and you can do what ever you like with your own creations. If you like, you can of course credit/link to me when using my sheets, I would appreciate that. I was just so excited to give the sheets, that I didn't had patience to make a banner to my new website. I will make it later, this is not so formal, link or not, as you like. ;)

But I would be so happy to see your creations, that leave the link to your post to comments or to Mr Linky in previous post. And feel free to ask, if you want to know more about collage sheets or collage art in general, I'm happy to answer, if I can.

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Yvonne said...

Here is another entry.

peggy gatto said...

I love your creations, so fresh!!!!
How does one begin?????

*iTkUpiLLi* said...

Thank you, I'm so happy you share your creations with us. :)

Thank you. Sometimes the collage begins with theme, but most of the times my collages begins with one image, and then I add more images, usually chosen by matching colors. For me collages are mostly visual challenge. :)

Elegia said...

Thank you , Itkis, for this information again! I'm so new with these collages, that every little detail helps me to get in this interesting world!

I'm so excited about all of these collage sheets and collage art. :)

Elegia said...

Ja tuo kuva, nyt on pakko suomeksi... Aivan mieletön. Ihan kuin siinä oltaisiin "lämpiössä" tai tauolla odottelemassa, että illan esitys alkaa. Kaikki ovat jo pukeutuneet ja odottelevat, että estradi vapautuu. Ihan mieletön kuva taas!

*iTkUpiLLi* said...

Kiitos, ja siinahan on mun kollaasiarkki hahmoja ikaankuin lampiossa odottelemassa, etta naytos alkaa. Noi hahmot rupee oleen mulle niin tuttuja, ikaankuin oikeita tyyppeja ja sitten kiva aina valita sopivat tyypit eri tilanteisiin. :)

Eila A said...

Hei! Käytin saamani Enchanted Doors -arkin kahta kuvaa ATC-parissani, jonka tein ThemeThursdayn Tanssi-teemaan. Ethän pahastu, kun jouduin vähän vaalentamaan niitä? Kortit ovat blogissani Kiitos vielä kerran ihanasta anteliaisuudestasi! Jos voin joskus tehdä vastapalveluksen, niin olisipa se hienoa!

Thank you for your generosity! I used two of your Enchanted Doors on my ATCs, which I made for ThemeThurday's Dance challenge. The cards are on my blog

*iTkUpiLLi* said...

Kiva etta sait upeat ATC:t aikaiseksi ja arkeista oli hyotya, enka tietenkaan pahastu, jos olet niita vaalentanut, niita voi kasitella ihan vapaasti miten vaan. Seka digitaalisesti tai ihan perinteisesti. Niin teen itsekin. :)

Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

Wow!! These are so cool I don't know whichone to choose so I am going to take my time and get back to you thanks for sharing your talent with us!!

stamp and scrape said...

Thanks again for sharing your artwork. You said you wanted to see what we made with your give-aways, so:
Here's my atc

*iTkUpiLLi* said...

Ruth, thank you. :)

Ros, I will come to see what you made. :)

Anonymous said...

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